Frequently Asked Questions

Where can EnerGyan be used?

EnerGyan is a flexible platform that can used by students at various levels. It is also a research platform for R&D in energy systems.

  • High school
  • Technical colleges
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Energy centers and companies for R&D

What can you learn/teach with EnerGyan?

  • Intro to energy systems
  • Smart and micro grids
  • IoT and smart homes
  • Mobile and cloud computing for energy systems
  • Optimization, AI and ML for energy systems

How do students program EnerGyan?


What can EnerGyan do?

EnerGyan can function as the following. You can think of more ways to use EnerGyan.

  • A microgrid
  • A smart home
  • A solar charging station
  • Bunch of EnerGyans can be networked together to form a larger microgrid
  • IoT testbed

How can you teach with EnerGyan?

EnerGyan can be used in a number of ways

  • Semester long course
  • 2 week workshop on energy systems
  • 3 day hackathons

We’ve done all of these with EnerGyan. Its adaptable to your application.

Who’s the audience for this?

Anybody with a passion for energy and basic programming skills.

Is it just software-based education?

No! EnerGyan is software and HARDWARE customizable. Here are some things that you can do (limited list)

  • You can change the type of source or load.
  • You can change battery type or size.
  • You can connect different type of sensors (moisture, temperature, light etc.)
  • You can connect smart home devices with EnerGyan - Amazon Echo, Google Home, Wemo switches etc.
  • You can change the configuration of your energy system. You can turn your EnerGyan smart home to EnerGyan Community Solar charging station by simple re-wiring.
  • The list goes on …